Matthew Orndoff

Matthew Orndoff

Web Developer, student, and Cold Brew afficiando. Just tryna keep it 💯



My name’s Matthew.

I live in SE Portland, and currently attend Portland State University for Computer Science. During the day, I sling beans for a living, and during the night, I sort packages for UPS. Handling packages at the end of the day can be stressful, but they pay for my school, so I have no complaints.
When I’m not working, I enjoy keeping up with what’s happening in web technology, coding, writing, reading a good book, and keeping my cactuses alive! Luckily cactuses are very hard to kill. Lord knows I’ve unwittingly tried.

To stay healthy (and stave off the existential angst), I go to the gym a few times a week and run when I can. There’s this amazing runner’s event called Beer Run that happens in Portland every week, which entails exactly what you think it does.
That’s a fun one for me. I’m a total podcast junkie, so anything that I can do while listening to a podcast is fairly easy for me to get through.

I moved to Portland a few years ago to attend PSU and get closer to the tech scene here after getting my Associates of Arts from Rogue Community College. I’ve always loved aesthetics and design.

I always loved computers growing up, and had a general obsessiveness surrounding technology.

I’m fairly active on Twitter. Shoot me a DM and let’s talk about doing something cool!
I love to create, because just like working out is for the body, I find creating is healthy for the mind.


Peace to the planet 🌎