Matthew Orndoff

Matthew Orndoff

Web Developer, student, and Cold Brew afficiando. Just tryna keep it 💯

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exa > ls

exa is a modern replacement for ls that brings nice colors and more intuitive options by default. exa has an ungodly level of command-line options; so instead of needlessly recreating the documentation, the combination

ack > grep

ack is grep for the 21st century. Unlike grep, you can download it and start using it productively immediately without having to read a manual. ack was created for finding strings within the source code of programs. Her

Tools, sites, and resources I use.

Development devdocs – All the documentation. HTML Pug – Because after you’ve written HTML for awhile, you just want a nice abstraction over it where you can dip down into JavaScript at any given point.

First post!

Initial post! Look at me mom, I’m on the internet!