Matthew Orndoff

Matthew Orndoff

Web Developer, student, and Cold Brew afficiando. Just tryna keep it 💯

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Life is hard. Don’t make it harder by not knowing how to find things.Let’s use find to make our lives easier. Another option to help us find files is locate.It’s much faster than find, but it can get out of date if you d

htop – Unix Task Management

htop is a fantastic commandline tool for managing your running processes. I usually find it a lot more convenient than messing around with GUI-based task managers.Especially on my Mac, where as a former Windows kid, my b

exa > ls

exa is a modern replacement for ls that brings nice colors and more intuitive options by default. exa has an ungodly level of command-line options; so instead of needlessly recreating the documentation, the combination


this is ack countryack is like grep. You can use both commands to search for strings within a file or directory. But I like ack more. Here’s why: ack has a simpler, more intuitive syntax. ack’s output is pretty by defa

Tools, sites, and resources I use.

Developmentdevdocs – All the documentation. HTML Pug – A nice abstraction over HTML for Node.js – List of all the HTML elements with nice examples. CSS – List of all the CSS properti