Matthew Orndoff

Matthew Orndoff

Front-End React Developer. I can do all things through Cold Brew 🙏

JavaScript Debugging

How to debug your JavaScript quickly in Devtools. (Easier and quicker than console.log!)

Use `ls` and `tree` to explore directories in Unix / Linux.

This post dives into a couple of useful commands: ls and tree. Both great commands for figuring out the structure of a directory and its subdirectories on Linux or Unix. lsls lists directory contents. # List current dire


Life is hard. Don't make it harder by not knowing how to find things. Let's use `find` to make our lives easier and find our stuff.


Manage your running processes with htop. Where GUI-based task managers fail, htop will not.


ack is a lot like grep– it's a tool for finding character patterns within files. But I like ack more. Here's why...

Tools, sites, and resources I use.

My repo for all the stuff I use. NO PEEKING!!