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Simon Stalenhag

Android Jones


NPR Intelligence Squared Debates

Debate podcast! A question is asked, for example, "Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?", or "Should We Genetically Modify Food?", ya know, big questions. A panel of smart people is assembled, arguing for and against the motion, and they duke it out with words. The audience is polled before and after the debate, and whichever side has changed the most minds wins the debate! Very excited whenever a new one of these comes out.

Kill Tony

Live from the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles! People put their names in a bucket (anyone from the homeless guy living out of his car to the pros), get their names drawn, then get up and do 60sec of stand-up in front of a panel of seasoned comedians to get their comedy ripped apart! Or applauded. Really depends. Either way usually some constructive criticism is involved. The interview portion is usually the more interesting part. DEFINITELY NSFW!! (you've been warned) but hilarious nonetheless.

Front End Happy Hour

If you're a front-end dev, it's a must-listen. A little NSFW at times. Engineers from Netflix, LinkedIn, Evernote, and Atlassian talking about cool stuff going on in the industry and what they're working on.

You Made It Weird w/ Pete Holmes

Comedian Pete Holmes talks with all sorts of interesting people about interesting & diverse topics.Can get very introspective (borderline woo woo), which I sort of enjoy. Maybe not for everyone, but good stuff.

Dan Carlin Hardcore History

History, told in a very captivating and intriguing format. (listen to his series on Ghengis Khan, YOU'RE WELCOME).


some stuff I've been listening to lately


Pocket Casts (miles better than any native alternative), Audible, Evernote, Webstorm, Todoist, Airmail 3, iTerm2, Alfred 3, 1Password, Dash documentation.