matt zone 🌵

i. have. opinions!!

What up! Matthew's the name.

I'm interested in plants 🌿 decentralized systems, pyschology, group dynamics, and system-think in general.

I like to program and tinker with things, because it teaches you how to think. I used to think that quote from Steve Jobs along those lines was kind of cheesy, but I've found it's actually fairly accurate. Everything is embedded in some sort of system, if you think about it enough.

I came up in the hills of Southern Oregon.

Graduated with an AA at Rogue Community College.

I was initially intent on becoming a pharmacist, but my mind had other ideas for me. (also I was pretty disinterested Chemistry, it's really best for everyone)

I always loved computers growing up. Probably a hint of escapism there. I didn't have many friends as a kid, but I had a general obsessiveness surrounding technology.

In 2014, I hit the road for Portland, OR where I'm currently persuing a B.Sc. in Computer Science at PSU part-time. I was lucky enough to score an internship at Mentor Graphics where I learned a lot about how things actually get done in the real world, and not just a classroom. Software is a lot like making sausages! It's a messy process, but the end result is pretty tasty.

I’m a curious person (in more ways than one I suppose), especially when it comes to seeing things from other viewpoints. It helps keeps my ego in check from thinking that I've got it all figured out.

I enjoy listening to debates on politics and religion, really debates on anything– I find them mind-expanding.

I’m fairly active on Twitter (it’s kind of a problem). If you follow the right people on social media though, it can become a great medium for learning. Personally I don't think enough people are taking advantage of this aspect of the technology and are too passive about what they consume.

I really enjoy comedy, and can be seen at Helium Comedy club on open mic nights fairly often (in the crowd for now, eventually I'll get the nerve to actually perform some of my material).

In 2017 I had a big realization… I really really really like writing. I write to think. I use Evernote religiously, writing about anything and everything. I figured the thousands of things I've written weren't doing anyone any good in my hard drive (or really, Evernote's servers) so I thought I'd start dumping my thoughts here as well.

So here we are! This is my blog. I'll write about anything that interests me. Bitcoin? Sure dude! Plants? I'm game. A new recipe? Why not! But if I had to look into my crystal ball, I'm seeing mostly tech-related posts in the future. Hopefully someone finds some value out of these rants, opinions, and general streams of consciosness. Even if it's just future-me.

Enjoy! Or don't enjoy! And send a strongly worded email of disagreement! I live on feedback, as long as it's well-thought-out.

Peace to the planet 🌎